Solo exhibitions:
1993:  Barg Gallery (painting)
1996:  Golestan Gallery “Caspian Shores”(painting)
2001:  Golestan Gallery   “Altering Images” (photography & Video Art)
2008:  Arya   Gallery  “Short moment of being”  (Conceptual Art: photography &Video)

Participation in more than 50 group exhibitions both inside and outside country since 1989 . 
Including :

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art:
1989:  Charity in favor of the earthquake-stricken of north Iran (painting)
1991:  portraiture in   Contemporary art (painting)
1993:  2nd   Biennial   of  paintings
1995:  1st   Triennial   of  sculptures
1997:  4th   Biennial   of  paintings
1999:  Cotemporary Iranian Artists “A New Look at The Nature” (painting)
2000:  5th   Biennial  of paintings

Niavaran Cultural Centre:
1992:  Charity in favor of Bosnian  people (painting)
1994:  1st    Iranian Women’s Painting “Manifestation of feeling”
1995:  2nd   Iranian Women’s Painting “Manifestation of feeling”
1996:  3rd   Iranian Women’s Painting “Manifestation of feeling”
1999:  5th   Iranian Women’s Painting “Manifestation of feeling”

1989:   Sheikh Gallery (painting)
1995:   Haft Samar Gallery (painting)
1995:   Niavaran Palace Museum (photography)
1995:   Bahman Cultural Centre (painting & photography)
1996-  1997 -1998: Golestan Gallery (painting)
1998:   Barg Gallery “Sepid” Second Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Drawing
2003:   Laleh  Gallery (photography)
2003:   Barg  Gallery (Drawing)
2004:   Golestan Gallery (painting)
2004:   Aban Gallery (Video Art)
2004:   khak  Gallery (photography)
2007:   Iranian Artists Forum  “No.32 Oskou Alley”  (painting & Video Art)
2008:   Niavaran Cultural Centre- The Great Art show of the year “Haft Negah” (painting)
2008:   Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute “The first Exhibition on Selected Artists’
works of Art of   Iranian Galleries  (painting)
2008:   Ava gallery (painting)
2008:  Iranian Artists Forum (The Great Painting Exhibition)
by: Society of Iranian    Painters(SIP)
2008:   Niavaran Palace Museum “Mahak” Society
to Support Children from Cancer      (photography)


2002:   Don O’Melveny Gallery –LA-USA    “Out of the Mist” (painting)
2003:   National Art  Club New York-NY-USA   “Echoes in Blue” (painting)
2003:  William Tower Gallery-  Houston  Texas – USA   “Echoes in Blue” (painting)
2003:  Al Bidda Gallery –Doha  Qatar  (painting)