I was  born in 1955 in Tehran, Iran. I graduated from Alzahra University in Interior Design in 1978.

 After graduation, I searched for a new look and experience in the field of painting with gouache. Using harmonious colours and creating a variety of  simple textures and simplified figurative shapes, my paintings mainly featured a decorative style. In the process of  experiencing different textures, I started making collage objects and used the least colours in my works. they became batch relief after that.

 I started realistic painting in oil in 1980 and took painting courses under master Aydin Aghdashloo since 1985 and practiced different techniques and medium.

 After 1987 I looked deeper and deeper into painting and was influenced by all my surroundings. During 1987-88 I painted   a series of works  the subject of  which was war. These paintings, however, did not refer directly to war but through symbols and signs recalled days of war and bombardment. Cold, bare spaces with grey livid colours and windows which were meant to be a door to the outside world of light and life, were closed with cross-shape scotch tapes.
  For a period of time, 1991- 94, my works featured surreal and symbolic style.

 My mind has always been engaged in interplay of shadows and reflection of images on the water, glass or any   transparent and shiny object,  multiple and shattered   repetition of images. Such images were featured in my works every now and then.

 Based on an intrinsic feeling, whatever leading to a straight observation of nature has always impressed me. This impression has featured differently in my works. In a period of time I painted green live nature from behind windows and walls, fences and hedges. ( my works of 1993). Another time( since 1993 to date) the theme of my paintings featured dancing waves in the sea and the shore, from beyond covering curtains. The product of this time was called ( into the sea), in which I portrayed presence of human beings  indirectly and symbolically, a mortal ephemeral presence, a never-ending unequal struggle between nature and the man-made things.

 Holding this enthusiastic look towards reflection of images on the water and shiny objects, I began photography in 2000-01 and exhibited reflection of  deformed and altered faces. In line with these photos I made a 11-minute video art  starting with a reflection and gradual change of hachure lines on the water that continues to be replaced with a woman's face and figure through which a struggle for liberation is shown. This  ends up at line movements being dissolved into the water. The photography and video art were exhibited in Golestan Gallery in 2001 under the title of " Altering Images".  At the same time, I started to cut, bend and form sheets of copper and tin to make deformed faces to be in harmony with photos and video art both in form and meaning.

 The latest series of my works  recently exhibited in Arya Gallery in April 2008, was conceptual art under the title of " Short Moment of Being". It includes twenty photos of 100 X 70 cm size and a 8-minute video art. Using  chewed gums in the photos, which have taken the shape of human figure, I looked toward human relationship  and the opposite sex metaphorically. Loneliness, being together and moments of misunderstandings and refusal are the concepts shown in these photos.

 The black and white video art begins with this image of a man's steps from knee down walking towards camera and continues with a close-up of shoes( steps) and dissolves into a close-up of a closed mouth chewing a gum. The chewing continues and there are moments showing the gum taking shape under the teeth. It then shows continuous spitting of the gum the last shot of which mixes with the birth of a child and one wearing a shroud. There are moments of suspension between life and death and at the end the image of  the one wrapped in shroud dissolves into a chewing gum which is to be crushed under the foot any moment. Being crushed and trod upon continuously, the last shot shows steps walk away and disappear.